Saturday, December 12, 2009

today went to east coast with family.
cousin's 21st bdae.
16 family members + 3 bf of my cousins were present.
my uncle and aunties were like crazy o.o
they ordered damn lots seafooods.
lol. the table was not enough for those foods.
prawn mee, otah, satay, chilli stingray, sotong, gonggong, chili crabs, oyster omelette, kangkong, bbq chickenwings, rojak.
we covered 3 tables.
each tables were filled with those foods. scary =/
bloated in the end.


♥♥1.03.09 10:37 PM

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

today quite sway.
tio ard 6 mosquito bites -.-
at last i killed the mosquito.
tml no nid to work.
so sien at hm.

♥♥1.03.09 4:41 PM

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

working at bookshop is quite boring now.
there wasn't alot of customers =/
was packing some books when my hand tio cut.
the wound was burning hot, damn bloody pain.
dun dare to let the wound touch water =/
today went for breakfast with parents at bangkit.
kept talking till forget to buy my lunch -.-
brought $2, spent $1 on pink dolphin.
the weather is burning hot, like my wound.
auntie treated me to chicken rice!
3 of us were eating and the auntie was on "standby".
wah lao, suddenly a bunch of ppl come to buy txtbks -.-
they were all crowding infront of me while i was eating.
i almost choke.
ard 2+ we were slacking~
looking out for boss de black van.
when the barrier at the guard post is lifted, saw a black van.
auntie ask me go take a look.
i peeked, saw boss typing on his phone at the carpark ther.
chiong back and report.
all of us zao in the bookshop and pretend to be doing work.
tml is gona be like this too.

♥♥1.03.09 9:26 PM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

okay, hadn't been blogging for a long time.
maybe worse in the following weeks. hais.
exam coming, was bz and stressed.
oral wasn't smooth ytd.
i realised tat u had left memories
which virtually filled my heart.
you made me love u so much,
that i left a record in my oral.
had been fustrated past few days?
the flu i suffered since last sat wasn't gone till today.
was throwing my temper, scolding innocent ppl =/
didn't mean it =/
today had a hard time packing cabin's games.
the dust had brought back my flu.
now shld be okay le bahhs?

im nt feelin alright,
its alright tat u didn't help,
but, do you have to play infront of me?
although u felt nth, but u r not me.
i chose to kept quiet. peace.


♥♥1.03.09 6:37 PM

Friday, August 28, 2009

recently, my sis just broke wib her bf.
i bet tat SOMEONE mus be buaysong of her,
and went to tag " fck your mother" at her tagbox.
to the SOMEONE:
u shudup u tis fcker.
u buaysong ryte?
try me.
u tink im scared of u? -.-
pls la. dun tink tat everyone will be scared of u..
coz u are a man or a ahbeng okays -.-
i dun give it a damn la.
u btr dun mess around with my sis's blog.

♥♥1.03.09 9:49 PM


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